Hullabaloo: A Shining Example of Brand Design & Identity

All business owners know the importance of having a strong corporate identity. Your brand represents and speaks for your whole organisation and so it is crucial that you get it right. As you can imagine one of the first places to start is with a logo and the concept grows from there. Finding a professional company that you can work with is essential. Hullaballoo is an experienced marketing company that can help you build up your corporate identity. They have a number of years’ experience in the areas of logo design, catalogue and brochure design, packaging and advertising plus much so more.

Their slogan is ‘Listen.Think.Create.Deliver’ and they really do these things to a very high standard. Every business owner wants to know that their ideas are being listened to and when it comes to something like branding the owner really does know their business best. Hullaballoo are fantastic at taking your ideas and turning them into a workable and fantastic looking reality. Whether it’s brochure design or anything else design related, they add their experience and creativity into the mix and the results are always punctual and visually stunning.

Once you’re branding is finished you will need to begin to promote it. Hullaballoo can help you with all of your direct mail and e-mail marketing needs and get you off to a flying start or put the wind back into your business sails or should that be sales?

They have worked with a number of large companies such as Timberland, B&Q, Sainsbury’s and Connexions and are therefore the ideal solution for your all of your design and print needs.

The Cost of Selling Shares

Many individuals look to invest in shares as a way of supplementing their income or simply as a hobby. What some people don’t know is that selling shares can be incredibly tricky and there are some key areas that you should watch out for. This is a short guide to the mathematics of selling shares.

The Mathematics of Selling Shares

If you were to buy £1,000.00 of shares in a single company and the share price increased by 10%, your shares would now be worth £1,100.00. Now if you imagine that the share price then went up again by 10% the next day but crashed by 20% the following day, you may think that you have broken even. Let’s take a look at the maths:

Initial Investment: £1,000.00
Day 1: £1,100.00
Day 2: £1,210.00
Day 3: £968.00

From this series of events you have incurred a net loss. The principle behind this is a very strong one. For every decrease in share price, there is a greater increase required to break even. Let’s take a look at a simpler example starting with your initial investment of £1,000.00:

Initial Investment: £1,000.00
Day 1: £900.00
Day 2: £1000.00

On day 1 your share price fell by 10%. On day 2 your share price broke even. However the required % increase to break even was 11.11%. Whenever you’re looking to invest in shares you must be aware that selling shares at a profit becomes more difficult with every lost percentile.

SEO: 2011′s Most Underrated Business Solution

It’s true, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the most underrated marketing tool of 2011. Which is a shame because it’s also one of the most valuable and rewarding service for businesses that operate online. After much research, it’s clear that there are a number of reasons why this is the case.


SEO has never had such bad press. With so many people flooding into the business of SEO, the market is filled with a whole lot of unskilled workers who are learning on the job. It’s not something you can just pick up – it’s technical, requires years of expertise and needs a whole lot of creativity. Because SEO requires a substantial investment from the business owner, it’s easy to see why a poor service can give this great opportunity a very bad name.

SEO Guarantees

Guaranteeing SEO results is like guaranteeing the lottery. There is no way to say with 100% conviction that this is where you will be ranking on this date. There are huge external variables that fall outside of the SEO’s control. You should be careful of any SEO company that offers guaranteed rankings (even if includes a money back guarantee!).

Why though? Surely if there’s a money back guarantee it’s risk free? Right?

The above is a common misconception. Some things in SEO require no effort at all. For example, if I say to you here are 5 keywords, if none of them are ranking #1 in 2 months you’ll get your money back! What you would fail to see is that one of these keywords has zero competition – i.e. an obscure keyword that no one has bothered to rank for. And why haven’t they bothered? Because there is no search traffic for that keyword. Great – you’re now #1 for a keyword that has and will have no visible impact on your business; and you can’t get your money back!

If you’re looking for an SEO company then you want to make sure it’s one that is trusted and respected. One that has proven results and doesn’t only care about search traffic but conversions too. When measuring the effectiveness of an SEO campaign, you should be looking at three key metrics:

Keyword Rankings

Organic Search Traffic

Search Traffic Conversion Rate

These three metrics will give you a complete and full understanding of the success of the money you’re paying for SEO.

Protect your Business with Security Cages

At SEHDA we want to provide as much useful information for business owners as possible. This article is written by our guest poster, Danielle who has 6 years of experience in the retail security field.

If you have the type of business that involves transporting of inventory from one location to another, for example, trade shows, fairground stand, or any business of that description, security cages are likely the ideal solution for secure storage of your inventory. Security cages are easy to transport, quick and easy to assemble, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Security cages can be designed with windows, doors, shelves, and in many different sizes and shapes, depending on the components you chose. They are also ideal for warehouses that need to partition off a certain area or restrict access. Because of their versatility and economical value, they are increasingly becoming a solution for many businesses and individual storage needs.

There are a number of decisions to be made when selecting security cages, such as deciding if you need something transportable or something that can be stationary. Most manufacturers offer numerous options and are even able to completely engineer a product to suit your specific needs. Determining the thickness of your wire is another choice to be made, depending on the level of security you need. For various spaces and job descriptions, there are different style doors available. If space is very limited, a sliding door may be the best and only option, but there are also traditional swinging doors, Dutch doors, and dual door options.

Many of the security cage panel allow for customization, such as cut outs where necessary. You can also purchase a window panel direct from the manufacturer. Colors, wire styles and many other features are customizable, so you can be sure you can get a security cage that will serve your specific purpose. Manufactures will be happy to help you select the security cages that are best for your needs.

Where does Social Media fit with SEO?

For a while SEO and Social Media were treated as two distinct strategies. However, with the changes to the Google algorithm over the last couple of years, particularly the resent panda/farmer update, that is notion is a thing of the past.

Social Media and SEO are intrinsically connected and it is actually now quite hard to be successful with one without any kind of input from the other. If I want to have a successful social media campaign and build an active online community online then I need to capture targeted traffic, and where am I going to do that if I have no presence on the search engines?

From the other angle the overlap is even more compelling. Of course everything surround the impact of social media on SEO is ultimately speculative. However, there is widespread consensus (a rare achievement for the SEO community) that social integration and social approval can have a very positive impact on rankings. In particular studies involving Twitter have been carried out that suggested Twitter links have at least as much value as traditional article and blog based links.

LinkedIn Company Profiles are another example of this trend. For example, if I provide in the UK, then I am up against all the other Leicester Search Engine Optimisation Companies. Google of course wants to provide users with the results from the company that is genuinely the best provider of that service in the Leicestershire areas, then two key factors are the social approval amongst the business community, and whether or not each competing business has a real world, offline presence.

LinkedIn Company profiles achieve this and therefore it makes perfect sense that it would be considered as part of the algorithm.

Protect Your Business Investments with A Retail Security System

When it comes to your business, you have invested a great deal into whatever it is you do. You have probably put hundreds, or possibly thousands, of hours of your life into your enterprise, and possibly a great deal of financial investment as well. It just makes sense that you take proper measures to protect the investment, and a retail security system is a good one to have in your line up of business protection.

Retail security systems range from basic surveillance and alarm systems, to highly sophisticated systems that address nearly all your retail concerns from loss prevention to explosive detections and intruders alerts. Obviously, not every business needs extreme security measures, but nearly every business can gain from having at least a basic retail security system in place.

Most stores and businesses where there is a great traffic volume will want a surveillance system. This can do two things, record all the comings and goings of your business, as well as any illegal activity. And, in case of customer complaints or safety violations claims, it can offer factual documentation of your establishment’s condition and actions, depending on the complaint, of course.

Another retail security system to consider, namely if you have many small and highly portable items, like a clothing or accessory shop, is a loss prevention system of some sort. There are various tag systems where items are fitted with a tag that will cause an alarm to sound when the item passes a certain point unauthorized.

Do not hesitate to contact a security specialist who can help define the weak or vulnerable areas of your business, and suggest the best methods and products to help secure them. A retail security system tailored specifically for your establishment’s needs is well worth the initial investment, as it protects your business investments long term.

Hiring an SEO for your Business: Inhouse, Agency or Consultant?

When you’re looking to hire an SEO for your small business, you’re probably unsure of the best way to approach it. There are three real solutions for an SEO campaign and each of them are appropriate for different situations.

Inhouse SEO

The most expensive and the most valuable option of the three. An inhouse SEO works full time for your business and leads the way with SEO strategy and implementation. From keyword research to link building and on-page optimisation, an inhouse SEO will know the ropes and can have a pretty rapid impact on search traffic. If the person hired is very capable and requires little management, you can find that they will always be busy making sure that every hour of every day is well spent. If for some reason they manage to find time that is free, then you can use their knowledge of SEO to teach and train other members of your company.
As with all the other search solutions, you can use some simple metrics to measure the SEO success rate.

Agency SEO

Agencies that provide SEO as a service have suffered years of skepticism. Many companies now offer ‘guaranteed seo’ that actually cannot be guaranteed at all. While other companies bind you into long contracts that can be a drain on finances with no real return. However, now that SEO is more popular than ever – ethical link builders have appeared across the world with huge portfolios of experience to prove their efficacy. As long as you pick a good SEO company, you’ll see these benefits:
An SEO agency is almost always the lowest cost option with very little need for management. Monthly reports allow you to measure success of the SEO campaign and discuss potential changes in strategy. Let’s say you wanted to rank for “SEO Leicester”, by handing this job over to an agency you are able to simply get on with the most important aspects of your business and at the same time dramatically increase traffic.

SEO Consultancy

Consultancy is the option for the more technically savvy business who is able to implement a lot of changes themselves. An SEO consultant will have a huge understanding of the field and therefore some website changes can become incredibly technical. Do you have canonical URL issues? What’s your indexation rate like? Use of dynamic URLS? A good internal link structure? All of these questions are ones that would go over the head of 99% of businesses. Take on a consultant if you are able and willing to make changes based on the gobbledegook above.

What is a Bridging Loan and when is it appropriate?

Before you take a serious look at taking out a bridging loan you should fully understand all of the risks that come with short term finance. Bridging loans are a great solution for some but not others, so when does it make sense to take out a bridging loan?

What is a Bridging Loan

The clue is in the name, bridging loans literally bridge the gap in your finances. These types of loans are almost always repaid within a 12 month period as the high interest rates make further borrowing too expensive. However the more savvy individual will use a bridging loan to make a profitable investment that requires fast extra cash. For example a bridging loan may be used to purchase an under-valued asset when their current finances couldn’t afford such an investment – this may result in a rapid return on investment which heavily outweighs the high interest rate.

Bridging loans should rarely be used to cover debt as a strong and secure financial plan is required to avoid heavy repayment costs.

How much can you borrow with a bridging loan?

Bridging loans typically range from £30,000 to anything as high as £10,000,000. Of course large bridging loans require financial security to ensure repayments are made.

How to play online poker if you’re from the US

The laws on playing online poker in the USA are kind of blurred. While depositing on poker sites is very risky and could result in a fine, there are still a bunch of online poker sites that are still operating – why is this?

Well it’s not at all clear. Black Friday in 2011 resulted in the closure of one of the largest online poker sites in the world – Full Tilt Poker.

Finding a online poker site in the US

Well what poker sites accept US players and why or how? Since Full Tilt’s closure there has been a huge shift towards American ‘accepting’ poker sites like Carbon poker, so how is Carbon poker still operating?

The poker sites that are still operating are located outside of the US and therefore face different legal obligations. The security of American player accepting sites like these is in some doubt and depositing or playing online poker from anywhere in the US must be done at your own risk. Players have lost millions of dollars following black friday last year – play poker from America at your own risk!