Concerns over Lack of ‘Basic’ Home Security in the South East

Houses Covered in Snow

How secure is your home? According to a regional survey, households in the South East of England are trailing behind the rest of the UK when it comes to ‘basic’ home security.

This December, Surrey firm Advance Security surveyed 500 households across the South East on their home security measures. Just 40.8 percent of respondents said they have window locks and a tiny 7.6 percent have double locks or deadlocks. A shocking 33.8 percent said they have no form of home security whatsoever.

These results are significantly below the national average.* In England and Wales overall, the most common home security devices are window locks, present in 88 percent of households, and double locks or deadlocks, present in 83 percent of households, while 75 percent of households have both devices. In contrast, just 48.4 percent of households in the South East have this ‘basic’ level of home security.

Advance Security Screening says these results suggest that residents in the South East are particularly vulnerable to burglary, and advises local homeowners to consider taking on extra security measures in time for Christmas.

Security lights on a timer are the least popular device in the South East (used in just 3.8 percent of households), followed by door chains or bars (4.4 percent). But according to Advance Security, these inexpensive devices could provide a valuable layer of defence:

“Even simple measures can be effective. There is no evidence that one single type of security device alone lowers your risk of burglary; however, the risk is significantly lowered when multiple security devices are used in combination – for example, window locks with double locks or deadlocks. Most burglars are opportunists, so the more obstacles you put in their way, the more likely they are to give up.”

“We also know that certain types of households, for example student and rented accommodation, are more likely to fall victim to burglary, yet less likely to install security devices. We would particularly advise residents of these households to speak to their landlords about making improvements to their home security.”

But even the most secure households can fall victim to burglary if they leave themselves vulnerable:

“During the holidays, people tend to be more relaxed about home security. In addition to using security devices, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of a Christmas burglary. For example, do not feed Christmas lights through open windows and don’t advertise your gifts by leaving the packaging out on display on Boxing Day.”

Advance Security Screening hopes that the survey results will encourage local residents to review their home security in time for a safe and secure Christmas.