Help Desk Software: Could your Business do with some?

Many businesses deal in products and services that require a free help desk solution. This help desk may be there to serve employees who are using internal IT systems or it may be there to serve customers who have purchased your products or services. People who work in IT based organisations tend to make up a large percentage of help desk users but there are others who are now implementing them. For example a housing or property company many use a help desk for residents to report maintenance and repair needs. A supplier of telecoms may use one to record calls about faults and installations and so on.

NEUQs is a very versatile help desk software solution that can be adapted for use in many industries and sectors. Call details can be recorded very quickly using this system and it is therefore favoured by many call centre operators. These details are then sent to the relevant department and teams for further action to be carried out where necessary. The operator can prioritise the calls so that when the details are sent to the relevant people they can carry out the jobs in order of importance.

The NEUQs software tracks the whole process from the moment the call is taken right through until the case is closed. This has a number of benefits. Firstly, those dealing with the problem can see exactly what has been done prior to their involvement. Secondly, people at a management level can review the response times and actions of their staff.