Mobile Phone Insurance: Who needs it?

If you’re a businessman or woman with a mobile phone, most likely you need mobile phone insurance. Without an insurance plan, your phone has no protection if you drop it, misplace it, somehow get it wet, it gets stolen, or for some other reason goes on the fritz. With a protection plan, your phone will get either replaced or repaired by your insurance provider.

Many people carry around phones that cost a considerable amount of money. And, what’s more, those phones are used for much more than just calls. Phones are mobile internet access, agendas, cameras, and MP3 players, and more.  A lot of people are under the notion that mobile phone insurance is too costly for them, and therefore leave their phones uninsured. The fact is that very affordable and comprehensive insurance is readily available and can save phone owners a lot of grief.

Mobile insurance is especially necessary for anyone who has a history of losing or damaging phones, or for those who have high end phones, such as smartphones. The price of a new phone as compared to what you will pay in monthly premiums makes phone insurance seem a very sweet deal indeed! Most good insurance companies will offer a replacement within 48 hours for a phone that is lost, stolen or damaged. An especially appreciated feature of a good insurance plan is the water damage coverage, as well as protection against fraudulent calls made from your phone, should it be stolen.

Every mobile phone insurance plan has different stipulations and their own set of pros and cons, so shop around to see which plan suits your coverage needs. Be sure you establish that the company you are considering going with is a reliable company with a good customer service record. You can do this by looking them up online, or talking to friends and associates.