Protect your Business with Security Cages

At SEHDA we want to provide as much useful information for business owners as possible. This article is written by our guest poster, Danielle who has 6 years of experience in the retail security field.

If you have the type of business that involves transporting of inventory from one location to another, for example, trade shows, fairground stand, or any business of that description, security cages are likely the ideal solution for secure storage of your inventory. Security cages are easy to transport, quick and easy to assemble, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Security cages can be designed with windows, doors, shelves, and in many different sizes and shapes, depending on the components you chose. They are also ideal for warehouses that need to partition off a certain area or restrict access. Because of their versatility and economical value, they are increasingly becoming a solution for many businesses and individual storage needs.

There are a number of decisions to be made when selecting security cages, such as deciding if you need something transportable or something that can be stationary. Most manufacturers offer numerous options and are even able to completely engineer a product to suit your specific needs. Determining the thickness of your wire is another choice to be made, depending on the level of security you need. For various spaces and job descriptions, there are different style doors available. If space is very limited, a sliding door may be the best and only option, but there are also traditional swinging doors, Dutch doors, and dual door options.

Many of the security cage panel allow for customization, such as cut outs where necessary. You can also purchase a window panel direct from the manufacturer. Colors, wire styles and many other features are customizable, so you can be sure you can get a security cage that will serve your specific purpose. Manufactures will be happy to help you select the security cages that are best for your needs.

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