SEO: 2011′s Most Underrated Business Solution

It’s true, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the most underrated marketing tool of 2011. Which is a shame because it’s also one of the most valuable and rewarding service for businesses that operate online. After much research, it’s clear that there are a number of reasons why this is the case.


SEO has never had such bad press. With so many people flooding into the business of SEO, the market is filled with a whole lot of unskilled workers who are learning on the job. It’s not something you can just pick up – it’s technical, requires years of expertise and needs a whole lot of creativity. Because SEO requires a substantial investment from the business owner, it’s easy to see why a poor service can give this great opportunity a very bad name.

SEO Guarantees

Guaranteeing SEO results is like guaranteeing the lottery. There is no way to say with 100% conviction that this is where you will be ranking on this date. There are huge external variables that fall outside of the SEO’s control. You should be careful of any SEO company that offers guaranteed rankings (even if includes a money back guarantee!).

Why though? Surely if there’s a money back guarantee it’s risk free? Right?

The above is a common misconception. Some things in SEO require no effort at all. For example, if I say to you here are 5 keywords, if none of them are ranking #1 in 2 months you’ll get your money back! What you would fail to see is that one of these keywords has zero competition – i.e. an obscure keyword that no one has bothered to rank for. And why haven’t they bothered? Because there is no search traffic for that keyword. Great – you’re now #1 for a keyword that has and will have no visible impact on your business; and you can’t get your money back!

If you’re looking for an SEO company then you want to make sure it’s one that is trusted and respected. One that has proven results and doesn’t only care about search traffic but conversions too. When measuring the effectiveness of an SEO campaign, you should be looking at three key metrics:

Keyword Rankings

Organic Search Traffic

Search Traffic Conversion Rate

These three metrics will give you a complete and full understanding of the success of the money you’re paying for SEO.

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