Who Do We Work With

SEHDA are dedicated to working with small businesses in Mauritius. In order to be eligible for our support your business must be able to satisfy the following criteria:

– Operate within either the IT, financial or agricultural industries. Charitable and religious organisations will also be considered.
– Maximum 10 employees.
– The business must be based in Mauritius.
– The annual turnover must not exceed Rs. 10m.

If your business satisfies the above criteria then we will be happy to provide support for as long as you continue to do so. However, if your business then expands to a point where you are no longer eligible, then we will have to retract all provisions of support. This strict approach is vital if we are to offer the highest possible quality of support to those businesses that need it most; those either too small to afford specialist internal resources in each department of expertise, or those that have just recently entered into the market and are therefore vulnerable to its unforgiving climate. Hopefully the support provided by SEHDA will enable those businesses to flourish and avoid many of the common mistakes make by new and small enterprises in Mauritius and beyond, leading to a more prosperous and economically stable Mauritius from which the entire population can benefit.